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About Shilpkiriti

When it comes to fashion, there is no better muse than one’s mother!

Shilpkiriti is run by the mother-daughter duo, Shilpa & Tanvi Rastogi. 

It always fills up my heart when I look at my mother’s artistic capabilities through her designs. I remember when she first started this work with all its uncertainties lurking through every step. All the possibilities that existed and the myriad paths that lay ahead of her. The dreams and ambitions nested in her and her journey towards accomplishing them. 

I think I unknowingly began imbibing her aesthetics, eye for detail and an art-filled world view. I’d always revel in watching my mother curate amazing ensembles out of anything she would get her hands on. I attribute my love for traditional outfits to my mother as I grew up so influenced by her sense of style. It’s safe to say that I’ve always celebrated my mother’s influence on my designs/aesthetics. And that’s how the name of our Label Shilpkiriti was born, her name (‘Shilp’ – Shilpa) creation through me (‘Kiriti’ – Tanvi).

Shilpkiriti works on traditional crafts and art forms like handwork, zardozi, velvet shawls, potli and more. None of our work is machine-made. It’s all 100% handcrafted.

At Shilpkiriti, you will never find multiple pieces of a particular design. We enjoy putting in the extra effort to provide exclusivity to all our customers.

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We Are Mindful of Our Valued Community

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. We understand that it can be difficult to navigate the uncertainty around COVID-19 but we aim to work together as a community to ensure our country's health and future well-being. In order to support government recommendations for social distancing and self quarantine, and to safeguard our team, our customers and the broader community, we have already implemented work from home policies. This is a good time for us to be mindful of the truly important things that bring us happiness and contentment. Indulge in self care, take a break from the news cycle, take care of those at most risk and most importantly wash your hands frequently! Be safe, be conscientious!

Thank you for being part of our Shilpkiriti family!

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